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Suresh Vazirani

A message from the President

Tuesday, 23. June 2020


The annual Caux Forum, a programme of conferences, training and dialogues hosted in Caux, Switzerland, aims to inspire, equip and connect individuals, groups and organizations so that they can build a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

The International Council, led by President Suresh Vazirani, is encouraging changemakers young and old to participate in this transformative opportunity – a chance to build bridges digitally for the first time in our history:

‘In recent years the Caux Forums have drawn over a thousand people annually to Caux to explore how they can make a difference. What they have discovered there has inspired a host of initiatives which are improving ethical practice in business, restoring degraded land to productive use, building trust across Europe’s divides, and much else.

This year COVID-19 has prevented the Forum taking place at Caux, but we are delighted to welcome it in its new form. We honour all who have worked to translate the values and perspectives of Initiatives of Change to online presentations, and we look forward to taking part. May the Caux Forum flourish and continue to make its unique contribution to the wellbeing of global society.’


Suresh Vazirani - President, Initiatives of Change International


This summer the Swiss team may have changed the venue, but not the spirit! Join us as we support The Caux Forum Online in ‘shaping the future together’.