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Leading through example

Leading through example

Wednesday, 3. June 2020


Suresh Vazirani, founder and Managing Director of TransAsia, India’s largest multinational medical diagnostics company and the current President of IofC International, spoke on 16 May about on the importance of trustbuilding as it relates to business leadership, as well how to maintain this trust through crisis situations.


Suresh, reflecting on the global pandemic and the role his company has played in India, explained to attendees that there comes a point where one must consider the responsibility of leadership. This is not an easy task and can weigh on a person and influence their thinking, yet there must be a connection to one’s inner guidance to be a trustworthy leader. As a businessman and NGO President, the thought of ‘what can I do for others?’ must come before ‘what can I do for myself?’

One participant asked Suresh ‘what are the opportunities that you see coming from this crisis?’, to which he immediately responded that this is a time to connect to ourselves and look at our relationships with others. ‘We are going through this dilemma,’ he said ‘but we are not going through it alone…this time has given me opportunity to not only connect with my inner self but to put somethings right and move forward with peace.’ He explained that previously we may have dismissed the effort to build trust with others, by saying that we are ‘too busy’. Yet, with lockdown in place we no longer have that excuse.

Trust – in others and in the wisdom that springs from quiet reflection – is central to how we move beyond the current pandemic. If there is no trust, then there is no hope. It is of the upmost importance for us all to try to combat fear and strengthen our communities through trust. Learn more about how Suresh has been encouraged, as a leader and as an individual, to move beyond the pandemic by watching the recording!