Guidance from within

Guidance from within

Wednesday, 7. August 2019
A message from leadership

Initiatives of Change is building bridges of trust in many countries.

This is no easy task when walls are going up all over the world, nations are fracturing into their component groups and ‘the rule of law’ is giving way to ‘might is right’.

This is the same scenario which led to war in the 1930s. How do we alter course?

We urgently need to strengthen cooperation within communities and between nations. Only on that basis can we establish peace, ensure every person has the essentials for daily life and meet urgent global challenges such as the climate emergency and extremism of all kinds. The inner journey is what we must draw our strength from now – while understanding that sometimes this is a difficult journey. 

Initiatives of Change reaches out to connect our world through efforts based on inner personal change. Everyone can play a part in this task of repairing and building bridges across the divides. We can all recognize where we have treated someone else badly. Restoring a broken relationship teaches us the skills of trustbuilding, a fundamental element of a vibrant and just society. We can help to build the attitudes which a world of cooperation needs.

Initiatives of Change demonstrates this through the actions of people in many countries. We can all be the change we want to see in the world, and we can help the world by first looking at the changes that are needed in our own lives. This report carries a few examples of a worldwide movement which is giving hope to thousands by inspiring change in hearts, minds and attitudes.


Suresh Vazirani & Imad Karam


Be sure to read more in our Annual Report about how our teams, across the globe, are repairing and building bridges in their countries!