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The participants and facilitators from the Crewe peace circle

From the yoga mat to exploring peace within and as a community

Saturday, 20. April 2019

Julie Welch and Omnia Marzouk report on facilitating their very first Creators of Peace Circle in Crewe, England

Facilitators Omnia and Julie

We recently hosted our first Creators of Peace Circle in Crewe in the North West of England. It was a small group of women who regularly attend yoga classes and held in the local studio, along with two facilitators, one from the local area and one who travelled from Liverpool. The women involved were very interested in peace building and in their own journey to personal peace in which their yoga practice had become an integral aspect of.

Participants noted that the Peace Circle had helped them to internalise the notion of peace within as well as outside of themselves. They noted that the opportunity to connect with others and share stories and ideas had been very helpful and inspiring. They felt that the Peace Circle had provided an opportunity to think differently about peace and their approach to it. They noted that the circle’s openness and honesty was refreshing and provided a safe place to explore topics of concern.

The group discussed issues that are national problems in the UK such as homelessness, women’s rights, prisons, mental health services and, of course, Brexit.

The group working on a gathering point

It also provided an opportunity for learning as each participant shared their knowledge around a particular area of concern, some of which they were already working within, and this helped to give a better understanding overall of the issues. Participants shared that they had found the gathering points very thought provoking and each had taken away some aspects of the discussion to help with their own journey.

It also provided an opportunity for the women to get to know other members of the community better and find out what areas they are working within and what areas they are interested in creating new projects to work towards peace in the local area.

The intention is to continue to grow the network of peace creators in this area through further circles and projects in the community.

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