A Year of Selfless Service in India and beyond – 2018

50 by the 50th

Wednesday, 8. March 2017

A Year of Selfless Service – 2018

50 by the 50th

Asia Plateau


Asia Plateau, the Initiatives of Change (IofC) international conference centre in Panchgani, India will be 50 years on 20 January 2018.

IofC welcomes 50 people to give ‘a year of selfless service’ to reach out in five intergenerational teams, to many corners of India - and beyond. Teams of convinced, and convincing people who help 5000 people put at least one thing right in 2018 to serve society better!

Opportunities: India perhaps offers one of the best opportunities that very few other countries can for the work of IofC. Our experience is that when we venture in faith into the nation, hearts and doors open wide - and needed resources come.

Central and state governments, national and educational institutions are repeatedly turning to our inspirational programmes, inviting us all over the country. A huge chance to impact India’s developmental and grassroots needs.

Sri Lanka, Myanmar - and Afghanistan also - offer significant opportunities for IofC outreach teams. One aim of the year is to befriend five people – to stay in touch and work with them for change for the rest of life.

Who Can Come? Anyone who has some calling to work for change in the world through personal change and is willing to volunteer without any financial expectation.

Anyone who observes the practice of written inner listening regularly, has done corrections of their past, thus freeing their future and are ready to share one’s change. That will constantly be called for in this special year of service.

Funding: IofC India will underwrite the costs of this year, offering to look after stay and travel once you come. You need to find your return tickets to and from Panchgani by 1 January 2018. After that we will all assume full responsibility for this initiative. Together we can find what is needed.

Since IofC is basically funded through individual contributions and programmes conducted, any amount small or big from you and others, will be welcomed in this venture of great faith - and greater realism.

Contact: If you are interested in being part of this venture please write to: