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Women's SDG Retreat, Switzerland

The Pillar Peacebuilding Approach: Women as drivers towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Thursday, 26. April 2018 (All day) to Sunday, 29. April 2018 (All day)

The Pillar Peacebuilding Approach: 

Women as drivers towards the 

A weekend retreat offered by Just Governance for Human Security, part of the Caux Forum

Just Governance for Human Security invites you to join a weekend retreat at the Caux Palace, Conference and Seminar Centre above Montreux. Caux is a tranquil mountain location in the spectacular surroundings of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

What can I expect?

This retreat highlights women’s efforts toward implementing the SDGs using the Pillar Peacebuilding Approach - examining the goals through the lens of the Six Pillars of Human Security: good governance, social inclusion, sustainable living, healing memory, food security and inclusive economics. The dialogue will take the form of facilitated sessions over a long weekend.

Our aim is to bring together 30 peacebuilding women who are working to positively contribute to their communities and address the world’s most pressing issues. While learning about and linking the UN Sustainable Development Goals with the Six Pillars of Human Security, we will focus on sharing our successes, hurdles, strategies, and goals.

Through activities and conversations, we will share, connect and grow in our collective efforts toward the SDGs using the Pillar Peacebuilding Approach. The retreat will focus on story-telling, reflection, and problem solving, and offer a holistic perspective as we discuss the difference women are making across their chosen fields and beyond.

We hope to see you in Caux!

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