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Sharing the full story of what we do as Creators of Peace

Thursday, 6. July 2017

Following on from our 25th anniversary conference in 2016, we now want to be able to tell a much fuller story of what we do as Creators of Peace to help with fundraising and partnership building. We want to share a more detailed picture of what happens before, during and after we get together in Creators of Peace Circles, gatherings and conferences. As a whole network of women, let’s be generous and be confident that what we have done – and what we will do into the future – is, and will continue to be, amazing.

Do you know…

  • how many women have taken part in Creators of Peace Circles to date?
  • where have Creators of Peace Circles taken place in the last 15 years?
  • which country will be celebrating 10 years of Creators of Peace Circles this year?

Thousands of women have done a Creators of Peace Circle, and these have taken place around kitchen tables, in community centres, family homes, refugee camps, offices, peace centres, universities, convents in more than 40 countries... we will leave you to guess the answer to the third question, there will be a news story on these webpage about it soon enough!

Our hope is to find out a little more about the shape and size of our network, some of the wonderful things that have happened as a result of the gatherings, conferences and workshops we do. Being able to present this will help us secure resources and partners to support and spread our work as Creators of Peace into the future – so please do respond, we will need your help to do this effectively. There will be a chance to contribute in different ways and we will keep you up to date via our Facebook page and Twitter. Some initial findings will be presented at ‘Peace in Practice’ in Caux this August.

Two Creators of Peace women will be reaching out across the CoP network over the next few months, both about the difference that participating in our Living Peace conference made to our peace creation back home in our communities and to collect some valuable information about the activities we have been inspired to do. Let’s introduce them to you…

Manu“Manu is inspired by the social innovation movement and a strong believer in the importance of building bridges, connecting people together and the power of empathy. She worked almost 10 years in marketing and communication and in 2014 went back to studies and completed a Diploma of Community Services. Based in Australia, she now volunteers with joiningthedots and is a trained facilitator for the Welcome Dinner Project. She has now joined Creators of Peace and is about to complete her facilitator training soon. Curious and animated, she wants to be the change and bring her piece to the movement of peace building.”

Lena"Lena is passionate about contributing to more understanding and peace-building and a fervent believer in true narratives and the power of encounters and of challenging misconceptions. Originally from France, she worked in training and in languages with various organizations in New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, Tanzania and Kenya. Her first contact with CoP was in 2013 when she joined a conference as an interpreter, which led to her attending her first Creators of Peace Circle and facilitator training as a facilitator in 2015. At the moment she works on a consultancy basis, moving between her bases in Europe and East Africa, learning and exploring new paths of contribution. She feels very enthusiastic about being part of CoP’s work."

If you would like to share a story about what you have done back at home since participating in ‘Living Peace’, please do get in touch via

Any questions from National Co-ordinators, write to