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Creators of Peace participants in Romania

Peace Circle: Ukrainians, Albanians and Romanians together

Monday, 12. December 2016


Romania 28 -30 October 2016

Eight women from Romania, Ukraine, Albania and Sweden took part in a Creators of Peace Circle held at a pottery in Baia Sprie, Romania. Some of us (aged from 17 to 69) had previous experience of Initiatives of Change and working with dialogues, for others it was the first time. We had interesting discussions, deep sharing, fun and laughter as well as a few tears. We all learnt a lot about the situations our friends have to live with each day and saw new things in ourselves. One participant shared ‘I have learnt what it means to forgive to the extent where you still keep your integrity and more important, how to listen to others, because nowadays people don’t listen to understand they, sadly, just listen to reply.’

We were also given the opportunity to work with clay on the potter’s wheel and were surprised with the results. One outcome of the Peace Circle is the possibility of them starting up in Ukraine.

Facilitators: Valerie Tikkanen and Diana Damsa

Text: Valerie Tikkanen

Photos: Diana Topan