The Trustbuilding Program – South Africa

Project Aim 

Create clusters of united and cohesive families in Cape Town and Johannesburg that act as catalysts for rebuilding trust and broken structures in society. 


The history of broken families stems from the apartheid era (pre-1994) and the migrant labour system that separated men from their families. This began in the early part of the 20th century and became institutionalized in the mining industry in particular, which was SA’s largest industry by the middle of the 20th century, besides agriculture. This culture of dysfunctionality has been aggravated by the absence of several generations of fathers in many families. This is especially in the black and coloured ethnic groups, leaving no role models for young boys and girls, leading to inter-generational conflict.  

The current reality is generational transfer of present and past unhealed traumas, lack of parenting skills, broken families and a search for identity and belonging, among young people in particular. Thus, the focus of the trustbuilding project is on inner healing, justice, and trustbuilding between parent/guardian and child, as a foundation for a more just and healthy society. 


The team delivers dialogues, family workshops, mentoring, training of local facilitators and group therapeutic activities. 

South Africa Project Team 

Cleopadia Mohlaodi

Cleopadia Mohlaodi

National Coordinator of Initiatives of Change, South Africa, webmaster for the iofC Africa website and a member of the Africa Coordination Group. Trained as an Early Childhood development practitioner with 10 years of experience in community development training/facilitation programmes and NGO administration. She firmly believes in peacebuilding and leaving a spark of hope with people she has worked with.

Anthony Duigan

Anthony Duigan

Chair of IofC SA Council of Management. Formerly a journalist and news editor, corporate communications consultant and facilitator of supply chain collaboration across large engineering and building projects.

Mantwa Gladys Mabe

Mantwa Gladys Mabe

Mantwa works as the Project Manager. She is also a correspondence student at Oxbridge Academy, and studies Human Resource Management, with a specialization in working with community-based organisations. She believes in teamwork, respect and effective communication.

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