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Trustbuilding Program Kenya

Tuesday, 1. October 2019


Initiatives of Change Kenya is serving as one of the countries for 2019. Read here why they are excited to be part of the Trustbuilding Program this year, and what the issues are that they will be addressing through their work in their communities.


Why is IofC Kenya interested in participating in the Trustbuilding Program? 

We have had successful forums in the past, however, our greatest challenge has been consistency. We need sustainable programs which will engage the community for a much longer time than just during the events. The dialogue needs to be consistent to reach more youth and address the tension and perception among people from different faiths.

What is the focus of your project?

The project aims at addressing fear and challenges among communities and people from different faiths through dialogue. We want to bring people together in order to build trust, promote unity in diversity and foster peaceful coexistence in Mombasa and Garissa.

“Radicalization of young people into terror groups has been on the rise. This is leading to

an economic slowdown where idle youths turn to drug abuse and crime.”


How has your team prepared to make this project a success?

In the past we engaged Garissa University through interfaith dialogues, and in Mombasa we have held programs since 2014. Through partnerships with like-minded institutions, we have been able to execute our programs. As a result, we have created a diverse network of people who we will work with to deliver the program in the two communities. 

What are you looking forward to this year?

The team is committed to address cultural and social differences, plus differences in faith, among their communities. 

The Trustbuilding Program is aimed at addressing divisive issues at the international and national levels, on the premise that only those who have undergone the internal process of becoming trustworthy themselves can close gaps across the globe. The Program was launched by Initiatives of Change International in 2019 with projects in Kenya, Canada and France.