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Training: Leadership from within, The Netherlands

Purpose, Ethics and Values in Action

Thursday, 23. March 2017 - 11:00 to 17:00

 ‘Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.’ - Rumi

Are you...
  • a young professional or ‘young at heart’?
  • ambitious and looking to make a difference in today’s society?
  • looking for ways to further explore your purpose, values and ethics?
  • enthusiastic about going on this journey with inspiring people from all across Europe? 

 Do you recognize yourself in the above profile? Then start your journey now and join us on the Leadership from Within programme. This programme will be in English.


During this three day programme, we will dive into the mechanisms of the human brain and investigate our perceptions. We will work on letting go, building trust and taking initiatives. We will turn our new understandings and experience into action by learning to lead ourselves, our life and the world around us. We will combine theory and practice, use storytelling, experiential learning and mindfulness, to become fully aware of attitudes and behaviours. This will serve as a first step for conscious choices and behavioural changes in our personal and professional lives.

Join us! 

You can register through our online form:


Day 1 | focus on slowing down and discover how your brain maps the world around you

Day 2 | explore your purposes and experience systemic work and family constellations

Day 3 | start exploring, applying and living our values – To ‘walk our talk’

To facilitate your journey we offer every participant an individual coaching session with one of the trainers in the month after the three day training.


Alexandra Berg | ‘What the world needs is people with hearts that sing’
Founder of Caring Group of Sweden, Facilitator & Coach
Expertise: values-based leadership and inner motivation

Christiaan Groen | ‘There is no way to Happiness – Happiness is the way’
Founder Groen Training & Advies, Facilitator, Trainer & Coach at Initiatives of Change NL
Expertise: collective and individual, systemic work, family & organizational constellations

Veronique Sikora | ‘How do I know what I think, until I see what I say?’
Founder of Weaving Social Fabric based in Switzerland, Facilitator & Coach
Expertise: enabling knowledge sharing and ethical leadership

Practical information

Start: Thursday 23 March, at 11 am
End:  Saturday 25 March, at 5 pm
Location: Apollo Hotel - De Beyaerd, Hulshorst, The Netherlands 

Registration and fees

Register through our online registration form before 1March1, 2017:
Please find the fees below:
Corporate:      € 600,- (training fee) + € 350,- (accomodation + meals)* = € 950,-
NGO/ Private: € 350,- (training fee) + € 350,- (accomodation + meals)* = € 700,-
* accomodation: a single room for 2 nights including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Early bird: €75,- discount if you register before Friday 17 February, 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact Christiaan Groen via

This training is a joint initiative of Initiatives of Change Netherlands, Caring Group of Sweden, Groen Training en Advies and Weaving Social Fabric.

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