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Asia Plateau

‘Towards a humane world’, at Asia Plateau

Thursday, 17. October 2019


Calling all changemakers – we want to see you in India! There is an exciting opportunity to collaborate and connect with your peers this coming February.

Initiatives of Change International, in partnership with IofC India, is planning an exciting international conference, ‘Towards a humane world’, at Asia Plateau, India in February 2020. The conference will focus on crucial challenges the world is facing and will bring together people who are responding to these challenges in the spirit of Initiatives of Change. It will focus on four themes:

Sustainability: How do we speed the process towards a sustainable global society, tackling the environmental crisis and bridging economic divides? Asia Plateau’s people-centred approach is transforming villages in the region, with dramatic improvements in agriculture, the environment, water management and much else. Together with leaders of the Caux Dialogue for Land and Security, climate scientists, and activists from Asia and the Pacific, we can strengthen intercontinental initiatives in response to the climate crisis.

Democracy: How do we make democracy real in the face of increasing populism, extremism and polarisation?  Do we hold ourselves as accountable as we hold our leaders? One speaker will be Daniel Bekele, Chief Commissioner of Ethiopia’s Human Rights Commission. He has been chosen by the new Prime Minister, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Abiy Ahmed, to strengthen human rights in Ethiopia. We will share experiences and resources needed to work towards democratic solutions.

Inclusivity: How can we work for a society where all feel included and able to contribute, whatever our wealth, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, ability. The conference will hear from people who are empowering citizens in many parts of India and beyond. From Ukraine will come a group who are strengthening grassroots democracy in 200 Ukrainian towns and cities. Come gather knowledge from teams who are embracing inclusivity and equity in their programmes.

Trust: How do we heal broken relationships and rebuild trust? Attendees will hear stirring stories from people building trust in India and elsewhere, including participants active in IofC’s newly launched International Trustbuilding Program, now being implemented in Kenya, Canada, and France.

These are massive concerns, too difficult be left to leaders alone. Our world is everyone’s responsibility, and Initiatives of Change is constantly demonstrating that together we can make a difference. At the heart of this conference will be the key to effectiveness – the inner change which frees us and equips us to be changemakers.

A warm Indian welcome awaits all who wish to discover Initiatives of Change's unique contribution towards meeting the challenges of our time. We encourage you to join us at the conference and invite others who are invested in creating a more humane world.

If you have any questions about or suggestions for the conference, please
email us.

Be sure to check out our event page for more details!