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Three podcasts to inspire trust

Tuesday, 21. January 2020

Initiatives of Change (IofC) UK has created some interesting trust-related podcasts for you to enjoy and share with others. Take a moment to listen to them on your way to work, during a walk in the park, or perhaps while relaxing on the sofa.  



Shared Humanity

with Letlapa Mphahlele, a former commander of a South African liberation army during apartheid times. He ordered high profile retaliatory massacres on white civilians, but after a radical transformation he now sees the whole different. He now sees all of humanity as ‘My People’. This transformation was triggered by Ginn Fourie, the mother of Lyndi, a young woman who had been killed in a massacre which Letlapa had ordered. They have together gone through a process of recognizing their shared humanity, and both lived into the deep pain that the other had experienced. Listen and read more here about Letlapa Mphahlele and his story of personal change.

You might also be interested in the documentary ‘Beyond Forgiving’ about Letlapa and Ginn, that was directed by IofC’s Executive Director Imad N. Karam.



Dialogue as a Spiritual Practice

with Shakiyla Smith of the Fetzer Institute - ‘Dialogue is more than the mechanics of sharing information. The power of dialogue is transformative in trust-building, based on mutuality and connection as a spiritual foundation.’ Shakiyla shares her thoughts on spiritual awakening and community practice. How can we use them in order to build trust? “Speaking is one of the main human acts people do. If we learn how to do dialogue in a way to create deeper understanding, that’s transformative. I would like people to see everyday conversations as spiritual practice. Little conversations are a practice for the big ones.”

The Fetzer Institute is a co-creator of the Trustbuilding Program, together with IofC, as their missions (Fetzer and IofC) are closely aligned.



Unconscious Bias

with Matt Freeman, an international consultant and co-author of ‘Overcoming Bias’ advocates the need for building authentic relationships. He challenges each one of us to examine stereotypical assumptions and expose ourselves to people, cultures, and ideas outside of our usual comfort zone. But this also requires some work on ourselves. Matthew helps us become aware of our own biases, stereotypes, and unacknowledged privileges.

Matthew supports the TBP project teams where it comes to facilitation. Most recently he visited Kenya to co-facilitate a four-day capacity building and trustbuilding workshop, in order to help contextualize the TBP training manual to the Kenyan context. 


From the power of forgiveness to recognizing bias, there are many components to building trust. Are there trust related themes you would like to read and learn more about? We would love to hear from you! Send an email to our TBP Communications Manager Manon Michelle Monhemius.  

All podcasts were produced by Yee-Liu Williams, Multimedia Executive Producer, IofC UK


Header photo: by Mohammad Metri

The Trustbuilding Program is aimed at addressing divisive issues at the international and national levels, on the premise that only those who have undergone the internal process of becoming trustworthy themselves can close gaps across the globe. The Program was launched by Initiatives of Change International in 2019 with projects in Kenya, Canada and France.