'A Second Liberation Struggle' needed in South Sudan

Monday, 11. March 2013

‘A Second Liberation Struggle’

– Second Lady of the Republic of South Sudan, Madame Angelina Teny, urges women to engage and tell a new story on International Womens’ Day. Jean Brown reports:

Madame Angelina Teny (left) marches with Madame Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior (centre in blue), Presidential advisor and widow of the late leader, John Garang, March 8 2013 (Photo: Jean Brown)

Juba 6 March. Madame Angelina Teny, who is also President of the newly formed Initiatives of Change, South Sudan, spoke to a large crowd who had gathered to celebrate International Womens’ Day at the headquarters in Juba of the SPLM (Sudan People’s Liberation Movement), the ruling party, on 6 March. See Sudan Tribune.

Citing the role women had played during the long struggle for freedom ‘not only as followers but also as leaders’, she said ‘there is a second liberation that this country needs...there is no place in this new struggle to remain victims.’ She called for greater women’s participation in all sectors of society, the commitment to train new younger women leaders and, at the same time, to continue to ‘cook breakfast for our husbands!’ She  urged women to also work in business and the private sector so as to become self-reliant and a driving force in the country’s economy.

Referring to the upcoming ‘Journey of Healing for National Reconciliation’, she continued: ‘Our communities are killing themselves. We are the mothers of this nation and history will not forgive us if we do not put right what is wrong in our country. The SPLM has a glorious history – but what is our projection now – a peaceful and harmonious nation?

‘What is the story we will pass on to our children – will we send them out with a new story of love and forgiveness?’