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International Council member Thembi Silundika shares with us her reflection on the Pan African Consultation and trustbuilding in Africa.

Privacy stock

Is digital privacy really a private matter?


How can we address the barriers to sustainable living? Can you guess what plays a major role?


A reflection on trustbuilding by International Council member, Barry Hart (USA).

Howard Grace

The film 'The Man Who Built Peace' is very helpful towards taking on board the heritage of IofC. But more to the point, we have the opportunity to draw from this film a perspective that might help us address the challenges faced in the present-day world.


It is helpful for a European to see our planet from the other side. My daughter Camilla and I were in Tokyo 16-28 November, mainly to participate in Japan’s '39th IofC International Forum'. She represented IofC’s International Council, I had received a generous invitation to come back after countless previous visits and a five year stay in the 1950’s. In returning to Japan, I was conscious that the world’s centre of gravity had moved from the West to Asia. Now it is Asia’s turn to lead. In my opinion, the West was responsible for turning the 20th century into a catastrophe. I was keen to discover if Asia had learned from the West’s failure.