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Experiences of Change


Monday September 21st is the United Nations International Day of Peace, when individuals, communities, nations and governments are invited to highlight efforts to end conflict and promote a culture of peace. Initiatives of Change sees many signs of hope – including, at the recent Caux Forum for Human Security, a gathering of Indians and Pakistanis working to build bridges of trust in their region. Among them was Salman Ahmad, rock star, medical doctor and ambassador extraordinaire for peace, who has touched millions of lives.

Vasu Vaitla

IofC's long engagement with the UN entered a new phase in the 1990s with the opening of an office adjacent to the UN headquarters. Vasu Vaitla took up responsibilities for this office in July 2002, serving until 2005. Will Jenkins asked Vasu to share his vision for change.

Hugh Nowell

Hugh Nowell has made a vocation of rising to the unexpected, as Paul Williams and Mary Lean discovered.

R D Mathur

Retirement hasn't slowed the pace of Cornelio Sommaruga, former President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Andrew Stallybrass discovers.

Archie Mackenzie

Throughout the highs and lows of a long diplomatic career, Archie Mackenzie has always striven to put service ahead of ambition. Campbell Leggat and Kenneth Noble tell his story.