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Experiences of Change

Naïla Gauthier

Naila Gautier is president of the organization Les Mamans du Cœur, a partner organization of Trustbuilding Program project OUI ACT in France. What inspired her to partner with our team?

Talia visiting the TBP Kenya team

Talia Smith is the Program Manager of the Trustbuilding Program. What is her view on trust and trustbuilding?

Nicole Thieke and Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Photo source:

Nicole Thieke, recipient of the Order of Merit award in Germany, tells us about her commitment in Africa and how Initiatives of Change values helped her.

Irna Yugaswatie, President of IofC Indonesia

Irna Yugaswatie, President of IofC Indonesia, shares her thoughts on trustbuidling and outreach to youth!

Marie-Hélène de Cherisey

Jaella Brockman and Tracie Mooneyham talk to the president of Initiatives et Changement France (IofC France), Marie-Hélène de Cherisey, and its Déléguée Générale, Claire Tamano. In 2004 Marie-Hélène and her husband and five children travelled around the world, visiting and filming social entrepreneurs.


During 19-23 March 2016, Lviv saw the 3rd part of the History Begins in the Family international youth project. Halyna Stasevych (Bunio), project coordinator on behalf of the Ukrainian Action: Healing the Past programme, tells about a new format used to introduce the project participants to the history of Lviv city during World War II, new both within the project and the programme.