Paz e coesão social através da construção da confiança e reconciliação em meio às divisões
IofC works for peace and social cohesion by building trust and reconciliation across divides
Thursday, 16 January, 2014
Foundations for Freedom Regional Meeting, Kiev, Ukraine

Dialogue was used to improve understanding and develop trust building at the Regional Meeting of Foundations for Freedom, which took place in Kyiv, Ukraine, on 6-8 December 2013.

Tuesday, 07 January, 2014
The Railway Man (for use on M Henderson website only)

A film about the amazing life of Eric Lomax has just opened with Colin Firth playing the part of this terribly tortured World War II prisoner of the Japanese who turned a hated enemy into a friend. Lomax died in 2012 at the age of 93 and was a soldier who in the words of an article in the Daily Telegraph made 'the choice of reconciliation over retribution'. His experience indicates that there may be a time and season for forgiveness that sometimes cannot and should not be rushed.

Friday, 01 November, 2013
(L-R) Assaad Chaftari, Marie Aoun and Jim Lynn in front of Clonard Monastery, Belfast

Assaad Chaftari, a former senior militia commander in the Lebanese civil war in the 1970s-80s, and his wife Marie Aoun, spent 11 days in Belfast, Manchester, Oxford and London in September.

Thursday, 17 October, 2013
Second Chinese Speaking Conference in Hong Kong

Chinese in Action 2 (CinA), in partnership with Dreams Possible (DP) of Hong Kong, hosted a conference from 13-16 September, 2013 at The YMCA - Wu Kwai Sha Youth Village Hong Kong. This is CinA 2's culminating activity following 40 days of training, and 100 days of field work in five cities in Mainland China, three cities in Malaysia and five in Taiwan.

Friday, 27 September, 2013
Formerly a Christian militia leader in Lebanon's civil war, Assaad Chaftari now works for reconciliation in his country.

After The Lebanese Civil War, An Apology is a moving interview with a leader of a Christian Militia explaining his journey from war to working for reconciliation.

Friday, 20 September, 2013
The training of 200 Peace and Reconciliation Mobilizers in session

On 17 September the Sudan Tribune reported on a youth conference that has been launched in the South Sudanese capital, Juba, to deliberate on challenges which they face in development, peace-building and social life in the country.

Monday, 09 September, 2013

From 18-25 August, 30 young people from nine different nationalities met in Gantikow/Germany for a seminar to learn and explore how to build trust across cultural boundaries. For the past three years, the NGOs 'Initiative Mittel- und Osteurop' (InMOE/Initiatives Central and Eastern Europe) and Foundations of Freedom (F4F) have hosted seminars for young people. For the first time, this year's training programme was co-organized by InMOE, F4F and Initiatives of Change Germany.

Tuesday, 13 August, 2013
Creators of Peace candle

The first ever Creators of Peace Circle in Brazil took place in Rio de Janeiro, 12-14 July with eight women from different parts of the city participating. Joelina Cândida Alves reports:

Monday, 05 August, 2013

On the morning of 4 August 2013, Caux participants took part in the fourth interactive session of the ‘Learning to live in a multicultural world’ conference. Under the title ‘Building trust across generations’ speakers presented two case studies, upon which individual groups were then asked to reflect on for an hour, and then bring back their group thoughts in the form of an oral presentation given at the end of the session.

Wednesday, 17 July, 2013
Healing History - Caux, Switzerland

Twenty years ago the Healing the Heart of America conference in Richmond, VA, featured the city's first walk through its racial history and launched a national movement for honest conversation on race, reconciliation, and responsibility. This year in Caux, Switzerland, people from more than 30 countries gathered to address the need for Healing History, Overcoming Racism, Seeking Equity, Building Community.