IofC works for peace and social cohesion by building trust and reconciliation across divides

Ragnhild H. Østmo

"If real peace was to become alive and active in my life, I needed peace to somehow become part of my daily routine.

Hope in Järva

Following decades of worsening tensions, new possibilities are emerging in Järva, a multi-cultural area of Stockholm.

Nagaland-I-Care participants

‘Sense of responsibility is lacking, our failure in not helping them to build on this’, said Er.

Dialogue on learning to live together participants

Stephania Menezes reports on a two-day programme in Nagaland for approximately 30 young people, facilitated by a team from Initiatives of Change fo


The Creators of Peace team hopes to train 1000 women in Baringo County by the end of 2016 to be creators of peace in their lives and families.

Everyone is dancing on expression night

After the success of the Trust Building Camp in Jaya Pura Papua in January this year, Miftahul Huda received an invitation to facilitate a Trust Bu