Project participants

Project participants

Project Participants
Ukrainian Action-2010

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Zoya (Alchevsk). Head of the Luhansk Regional Branch of the All-Ukrainian NGO "Democratic Alliance", philosopher, post-graduate from the East-Ukrainian National University after V.Dal'.

My motivation to take part in the project, first of all, was to find the answers to acute questions which I face with in my life as a citizen everyday, in my family, with friends. Due to the nature of my activity - I participate in different discussions, debates, protest activities, give comments to different events, however I do not have unambiguous understanding several questions.

Polina (Simferopol). Born in Simferopol in 1983. In 2005 she graduated from the culturology faculty. She considers Crimea as her Motherland.

This year I was lucky to be among the participants of the project "Strengthening the Trust between Multinational Youth People of Crimea" being organised by the Club of Young Leaders in Simferopol. Due to the lack of necessary funding of higher education in Ukraine I am not capable to study those topics which I am interested in, in particular I cannot even comprehend what the Ukrainian culture and the Ukrainian identity is. If I can manage to get the project it will allow me to understand better and comprehend Ukraine, whether we have to keep the hope to get the country united."

Halyna (Mykolayiv). Originated from Mykolayiv. Student and civic activist.

I am a Ukrainian, I love my country, but I know little about it. I would like to get the whole picture of Ukrainian regions, to understand why they are so different though united with the history, to know what I can, what is necessary and important to do to overcome all the boundaries and healing the wounds. I wish my children live in united, friendly and tolerant, strong and well-thought-of country.

Shukri (Simferopol). Originated from Crimea, student of the Crimean Ingeneer and Pedagogical University with the direction of "history". Civic activist. A member of the Crimean-Tatar International NGO "Bizim Qirim".

I am interested with inter-ethnical issues long time ago. I am worried about the future of Ukraina and my people – Crimean Tatars. I stick up the tolerance and unity in the society, that is why I decided to join the project "Ukrainian Action-2010: Healing the Past".

Vladyslav (Kharkiv). Development manager in a company which acts in the area of producing plastic goods. He likes his work a lot, which takes the major part of his time.

In this project it is the first time I am a facilitator, and I can say that it is very important experience for me. Also I'd got a lot from the stories I heard from participants. However, I am not ready to make conclusions - I need a time to re-think all what was made.

Oksana (Chernihiv/Kyiv). A member of the team of organisers.

It was interesting for me to make organisational activities in the project, what finally we had to achieve. In my opinion, "Ukrainian Action" is very topical project. If you want to change the world, start from yourself, and change it by a small pieces.

Alex, Australia

Alex (Melbourne, Australia). Initiatives of Changes activist, trainer and facilitator on conflict resolution, building open and just dialogues.

My vision is that great changes starts in particular people. That's why I am here, taking part in the Programme as a facilitator.

Vasylysa (Lissa, Dzvinka) (Kharkiv). A student of the Kharkiv National University after Karamzin, civic activist. A member of the Regional Youth Organisation "DUMKA".

I saw a lot of different "ukraines", but not the Ukrainian one. I mean integrally Ukrainian. However, this week I saw that people from different parts of Ukraine, and even other countries, can co-exist happily. If ten can do - the whole country also may do?.. Yes, we are different, we have different issues and different outcomes. But if we were switched the same – would we be people?..

Lidiya (Odesa/Kyiv). One of those first who brought a lot of efforts to the project preparing and during its proceeding. A member of the team of organisers until the Autumn 2010.

Olha (Lviv/Kyiv). The initiator and leader of the project, and a Regional Co-ordinator of the Foundations for Freedom NGO. She is educated as an English and Japan interpreter, Master of Applied Linguistics. Originated from Lviv.

In 2005/2006 I took part in similar project which were running in South-Eastern Asia, where I got the idea of this project from. I aspire to organise a project, which can have the space for the life stories of Ukrainians independently of their opinions, faiths, social status, language. I would like to acknowledge those who suffered from regimes and the information from the first hand to those who didn't have the access to it.

Nataliya (Moscow, Russia). Leader of the NGO "Warm House" (Moscow) which is engaged into the support in social adaptations of women, who survived the military conflict. Practicing psychologist. Trainer.

I am interested in this project due to the issues I am engaged into last time, which are related to this project. Ukraine as a country is important for me, because it is related to one of the dimensions of my identity. The history of Ukraine, its nature and people make interest for me.

Zoryana. Trainer and facilitator, a member of the Management Group of the Foundations for Freedom International NGO. Zoryana is engaged to the Initiatives of Changes during last 10 years.

Mykhailo (Kharkiv). Stage manager in a Kharkiv TV company.

I have a dream to find friends being in the project. Friends, whom I can continue to communicate furthermore. I have a dream to make a film, which will be not only my achievement, but for the Foundations of Freedom. I would like to find myself, especially in the issues of freedom and clemency.

Diana (Baia Mare, Romania). An activist of the Initiatives of Changes, trainer and facilitator on conflict resolution, building open and just dialogues. Co-ordinator of the Club of Young Leaders in Baia Mare.

My exerience in healing the past in Transylvania, as well as other countries, and my degree in the in the "Memory Healing" can help participants to understand that similar issues are in the whole world, even the cases differ. The roots are the same: principles, human necessities and values.

Christina (Sidney, Australia). An activist of the Initiatives of Changes, trainer and facilitator on conflict resolution, building open and just dialogues.

Last year I took part in a programme on Solomon Islands, where we had initiated the Commission on Truth and Reconciliation. This is unique opportunity for former warriors and victims to hear the stories of each other, - the first step to the reconciliation.

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