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Paul Keitany (right) and Maryanne Ntausian (centre) ask Tugen elders for their thoughts on peace and conflict in the area

Towards the end of last year, Joseph Karanja, a volunteer with Initiatives of Change, was asked by the Kenyan Government to join a helicopter mission to northern Kenya, specifically to show the documentary film An African Answer. 500 people affected by cattle-rustling conflicts watched the film. Last week, the film’s director Alan Channer was invited to help develop a strategy for use of the film by the different communities of Baringo County and the remote area of East Pokot.

Creators of Peace (CoP) logo

Many women in different countries or regions have asked for training to start a Creators of Peace Circle in their area or country. The Caux conference Transform yourself – Transform the world around you, Training by Initiatives of Change in July offers us the chance to take six days together to give you all you need to get started.


Nagwa Raouf has written a message, following the massacre in front of the Coptic church on New Year's Eve in Egypt, and sent it by email to her Christian friends in Egypt and Lebanon. In its original Arabic form, it was published by the Lebanese newspaper Al-Nahar (probably the most important Lebanese daily) on 3 January.

  Nigerians receiving Award from Jeni Stepanek

Over 600 people filled the room at the eighth Annual Celebration Gala of the We Are Family Foundation on October 26, 2010 in New York. Among the honourees were Imam Muhammad Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye for their work of peacemaking in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.


Following the recent terrorist attacks in Egypt on Copts, the Egyptian group of Initiatives of Change - an NGO that includes Muslims and Christians - has called for three days of prayer and fasting (until sunset) 'for Egypt's safety and unity'. Just before Christmas, Cornelio Sommaruga, Honorary President of Initiatives of Change International, spoke at an event in Geneva. His words, and the Geneva Spiritual Appeal which organized the event seem relevant to this ever-present issue of violence cloaked in religion.

Colwells/Allen Caux Concert DVD

A wonderful 95-minute DVD of the concert given by the Colwell Brothers and Herb Allen at Caux on August 14, 2010, is now available from Caux Books, at CHF 20, plus postage. The film, shot with four cameras, was edited by Ian Corcoran, and makes you feel like you were there!