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Ice in Every Carriage front paperback cover

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Panel address audience at Greencoat Forum

‘Banks and boardrooms need ‘iconic leaders’ of personal integrity if the world is to avoid further economic crises, says Paul Moore, former head of group regulatory risk at Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS). The financial crisis of 2008 was caused by ‘failures in organisational culture and ethics’ rather than technical failures, he told a Greencoat Forum on ‘capitalism towards the common good: regulation or culture and character?’ held in the London centre of Initiatives of Change on 23 November.

Ajmal Masroor in the Poldermosque in Amsterdam

On 12 November a diverse audience gathered for an ‘honest conversation’ with British imam Ajmal Masroor on the issue of Islam in Europe in the Poldermosque in Amsterdam. Tessa Calkhoven reports.

Peace Circles in Nairobi, Kenya

‘Please run this workshop at a national level in Kenya. Take it to every county and train as many women as possible in peace’ said one of the participants in a recently concluded Creators of Peace Circles workshop which was attended by 21 women from across Kenya starting from Mombasa and stretching to the furthest ends in Isiolo. It took place on 10-12 November, 2010 at Watakatifu Wote Senta in Ngong, Nairobi.


The Caux Interns Program offers young adults the opportunity to take part in the international conference in Caux over 4 weeks, helping in the running of the conference centre, and also participating in a training programme in leadership and intercultural relations. Applications must arrive before 1 February.


Eritrean-born General Mercorios Haile, who rose to become Deputy-Commander of the Ethiopian Air Force in the era when Eritrea was still a province of Ethiopia, died on 16 November on a visit to Addis Ababa.