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We need your help! The IofC Communications team is eager improve the quality and consistency of our international style. We aim to do this in two ways. First, we will help our network to use IofC logos and style guidelines correctly and effectively. Second, we will make high quality resources (template IofC business cards, reports, brochures and letter heads) available to the IofC network.

Members of Club for Young Leaders Romania attending a weekend course run by Action for Life group in Eastern Europe.

Members of the Club for Young Leaders Romania attended a weekend course run by the Action for Life (AfL) group in Eastern Europe. The theme for the weekend was ‘my life is my message: so what do I want to say?’ Alexander Birnberg reports:

Catching up with Gandhi by Graham Turner

Catching up with Gandhi by Graham Turner has just been published by Penguin Books, India. It is a fresh introduction and appraisal of Gandhi and his legacy. Questioned by the Indian press whether the world needed another book on Gandhi, Turner is quoted by the Hindustan Times as saying, 'I wanted to write something that young people would find interesting and accessible.'


Caux-Créatifs is a media training academy taking place in Caux from 18th July to 9th August 2011. Participants will learn how to use photography, film, podcasting and new media to campaign for, promote, and document social change

A view of Mountain House from the garden.

Initiatives of Change is looking for a Deputy to the Manager of Technical Services initially for the summer conferences 2011 in Caux Switzerland with an option to continue for several years.

Plenary 29-30 January Sitio Sao Luiz

On 29 January 2011, 40 people gathered in Sítio São Luiz, Brazil. They came from the poor communities Cidade de Deus and Morro dos Macacos as well as other parts of Rio de Janeiro.