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Colwells/Allen Caux Concert DVD

A wonderful 95-minute DVD of the concert given by the Colwell Brothers and Herb Allen at Caux on August 14, 2010, is now available from Caux Books, at CHF 20, plus postage. The film, shot with four cameras, was edited by Ian Corcoran, and makes you feel like you were there!

Trade is thriving between the Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities in the re-integrated market of Burnt Forest

At times, my teacher would come to school with a gun. If there was no incident in the area before midday, you would be lucky.’ Julius Sarich, from the remote area of East Pokot, travelled for a whole day to attend a viewing of the documentary film An African Answer in the Rift Valley town of Kabarnet.

AfL group meeting with Rajmohan and Usha Gandhi

Two days before Rajmohan Gandhi ended his terms as President of Initiatives of Change (IofC) International, he and his wife Usha had a dialogue with 40 mostly young people from 20 countries, including Afghanistan and Iran, China and Korea, Sudan and Guatemala, Ukraine and Lebanon.

Committed to bringing change, starting with themselves

After two months of intensive training with IofC’s Action for Life programme, a new generation of change makers sets out to work with IofC teams grappling some of the core issues in Africa, Eastern Europe, Indonesia and the Pacific.


The Egyptian group of Initiatives of Change - an NGO that includes Muslims and Christians - has called for three days of prayer and fasting (until sunset) 'for Egypt's safety and unity'.

Rajmohan Gandhi

As his term as President of IofC International ends, Rajmohan Gandhi shares reflections on 2010 and his hopes for 2011 in a letter to the IofC network.