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Tuesday, 05 March, 2002

Devastated by being driven out of his home by mobs from an opposing ethnic group, Joseph set his heart on revenge.

Friday, 15 February, 2002

With ten years under its belt and nearly 200 graduates taking their experience into the world, the Caux Scholars Program would like to expand...

Saturday, 01 December, 2001

Kenya is a beautiful country with rich natural resources but it is rocked by corruption. The result is that though most people work hard they are trapped in terrible poverty. Wanjiru Mungai shares her personal experience.

Thursday, 16 August, 2001

Initiatives of Change is the new international name for the Moral Re-Armament (MRA) movement.

Wednesday, 01 August, 2001

Exiled and in despair, Osman Jama Ali had no idea of the impact an unexpected letter would have on his life. The Deputy Prime Minister of Somalia’s first government for a decade talks to Mary Lean.

Wednesday, 01 August, 2001

A remarkable series of courses is helping Taiwanese parents to cope better with their children—and their own lives. Jenny Leung reports:

Friday, 01 June, 2001

When Norwegian doctor Sturla Johnson discovered that bribery was tax deductible, he felt he had to do something.

Sunday, 01 April, 2001

As Jan and Anneke van Nouhuys from the Netherlands approach their silver wedding they tell Kenneth Noble about the highs and lows of Jan's calling to be a silversmith.

Friday, 01 August, 1997

Raj Anand knows the formula to save 1.5 million babies' lives a year - and it doesn't come out of a tin. He talks to Mike Brown.

Saturday, 01 June, 1996
Yusuf Al-Azhari

Yusuf Al-Azhari spent six years in solitary confinement as a political prisoner. Now he is helping to bring Somalia's warlords together. Michael Smith tells his story: