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#balanceforbetter theme for International Women's Day 2019, City Gateway, London, March 2019

Kate Monkhouse, Executive Officer for Creators of Peace, joined women at City Gateway Women’s Centre in East London, to share their celebration for International Women’s Day. She shares some of her reflections on what it means for all of us to embrace #IWD2019 theme “balance for better”.

CoP Newsletter March 2019 cover

Our third edition of 'Gathering Point', the Creators of Peace international newsletter , is published on 8th March, International Women's Day.

The 12 participants represented multiple districts of Nepal and were very keen to share their stories and collectively work towards problems in their societies

Creators of Peace joined with a local partner organisation of World Education to organise a Peace Circle with young people coming from six of the least developed districts in Nepal

Learning about Initiatives of Change. Zarcero, Costa Rica 2019

Three generations keep alive the seeds of Initiatives of Change in Costa Rica. Maria del Pilar Griffin, a Caux Scholars Alumni, reflects on the time spent in her natal country helping to nurture and support those who are still growing in IofC!


The 6th East Africa Youth Forum (EAYF) will be taking place 2-7 April 2019! Apply now to build your understanding of the importance of ethical leadership as a catalyst for change.

Visit to Jarewadi Village

John Bond, of IofC International, gives us a glimpse into the incredible transformations that have occurred through the work of Grampari and the introduction of quiet reflection as a personal practice.