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Shakiyla Smith will be giving her perspective on the role and practices of spiritual community, and community care, in building and sustaining trust. Join us for a conversation with Shakiyla about the community of freedom at Fetzer.


History shapes how we look at the world today. What is the context in which our trustbuilding projects are actively trying to shape the world of tomorrow?

Photo by Filip Filkovic Philatz on Unsplash

Trustbuilding Program Officer Manon reflects on how the COVID-19 crisis is influencing trust.

Jessie Sutherland

During our latest webinar, Jessie Sutherland spoke about 'building trust in times of crisis, seen through a lens of belonging'. We give you the highlights.

Rob and Susan Corcoran

Trustbuilding Program trainer Rob Corcoran mentions that we are living in a time of ‘letting go and claiming humility’. What does he mean by that?


Peter Riddell, IofC UK, is using IofC films and Zoom to provide a new and inspirational form of entertainment and outreach.