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Rishabh Khanna gives us his highlights and important observations from Septembers’ COP

Trustbuilding in the Classroom: Discrimination

France’s Trustbuilding Program project consists of 10 weekly workshops where youth can share their frustrations, in a safe space, and examine their prejudices. Read here about the workshop on discrimination.

Steven Kimaru

International Council member Stephen Kimaru shares his reflection on learning to love the person inside.

TBP Canada -  Quebec group

As a highly experienced trainer and facilitator, Rob Corcoran was invited to join the first Trustbuilding Program information session in Quebec. We asked Rob for his inside perspective as an outsider.

CRIA - At Mont St Michael

Children and adults worked together during CRIA to transform Child Rights from a legal and political position into everyday action. Hear more from two of the attendees!

TBP France

Initiatives of Change France is joining the Trustbuilding Program in 2019. Read here why they are excited to be part of the Trustbuilding Program and how they are working with youth in the suburbs of French cities.