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IofC Iternational colour English logo - teaser

It is with great excitement that we announce 2 newly available positions being offered by Initiatives of Change International!

Travel connection

Learn how Martin Healey, CSP Alumni (’16), was inspired to create change and connections through his initiative ‘Cauxsurfing’!

Irna Yugaswatie, President of IofC Indonesia

Irna Yugaswatie, President of IofC Indonesia, shares her thoughts on trustbuidling and outreach to youth!


Peter Everington provides a historical perspective on Sudanese who applied IofC values to their nation's need.

The participants and facilitators from the Crewe Peace Circle

Julie Welch and Omnia Marzouk report on facilitating their very first Creators of Peace Circle in Crewe, England

Photo by Alena Vasilyeva

IofC teams share their stories and important lessons in trustbuilding Let’s learn from North East India!