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The fifth trustbuilding project has launched, this time it was Nepal's turn to officially get started.


In celebration of this historic milestone, the Swiss IofC team is showcasing stories of impact and transformation, one for every year!

Screenshot from the Foundations AGM2021

On the 20th of February 2021 “Foundations for Freedom” held an Annual General Meeting, and due to all the COVID-19 circumstances, it was held online. Even though it would be much more pleasant to meet and hug each other, this format enabled us to host 56 people from more than 10 countries.


A website has been launched to provide the public with photos, videos, and stories that capture IofC’s rich history.


Three teams are working in collaboration to build trust in Burundi, all with the values of IofC.


How can we diffuse tension, engage with different perspectives, and work together to make our communities thrive?