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Nepal Dialogue 2018

Nepal Dialogue

To Build a Caring World by Celebrating Differences, Melting Divisions

Saturday, 15. December 2018

Kathmandu - October 5-8, 2018

While attending the Caux Scholars Program-Asia Plateau in Panchgani, India, Keshab Dahal felt a strong conviction to commit volunteer time to the Initiatives of Change India Outreach Team and to spearhead an Initiatives of Change peacebuilding dialogue in Nepal--the first of its kind. After months of planning and promotion, the four-day dialogue was held at Dhulikhel, Nepal in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The dialogue included participants from Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Fiji, India, Nepal, Tibet and United States. Each person brought a unique perspective and a commitment to be friends for life, thus building the foundation for a peace in the region. This diversity created an opportunity to learn about the challenges and opportunities facing the region and ways in which we can work together towards greater respect and understanding. For the next four days we continued to unfold comfortable spaces for everyone to share and look at the elements that are holding us back in serving the needs of the world.

Alongside Keshab, Krishna KC from Kathmandu coordinated key aspects on the ground in Nepal. In opening the dialogue, Krishna noted how Nepal is special as the birthplace of Buddha and home of Mount Everest. He spoke of the greatness of this region and how it is uniquely positioned to address the significant challenges and opportunities for people and the natural world and his hope that Nepal can be a vast educational resource for all who would like to learn more about peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

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