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Bishop George N Iskande in centre

In Memoriam, Bishop George N Iskandar

Monday, 2. July 2018

Bishop George N Iskander passed away on 16 May 2018. Born in 1927, Bishop George N. Iskandar was the Maronite bishop of Zahle and Baalbeck of the Maronite Catholic Oriental Lebanese Church since 1977. An accomplished author, he also was the General Chaplain of the Scout movement of Lebanon for many years along with collaborating with several NGOs for youth and other vulnerable groups. Renowned for his modesty and sense of humbleness, he decided against a plan proposed to have a statue erected in his honor by the city.

Bishop George N Iskandar became involved with the MRA (Moral Re-Armament) organization in 1980. He has supervised a local IofC (Initiatives of Change) in the city of Zahle and Bekaa and championed the principles and values of IofC throughout Lebanon. He was a frequent visitor to Caux and collaborated with many of the delegations of IofC that visited Lebanon.

Bishop George N Iskandar played an active role in advocating for peace between disparate religious groups during the Lebanese Civil War. He also took on a prominent role in dialogue conferences organized by IofC Lebanon that spanned over a decade beginning in 1987. His efforts were tireless and he searched ceaselessly for solutions to bridge divides within Lebanese society.

In 1986, members of a Christian militia sought refuge in the city of Zahle where they experienced discrimination and hostility. Bishop George N. Iskandar took it upon himself to alleviate tensions and change public opinion by advocating for understanding and compassion. He visited them often and cared for their ill and injured. He became a spiritual chaplain for this oppressed group and invited them to join IofC Lebanon and guided them toward a positive path of change.

Assaad Chaftari