Media Coverage

Media Coverage
16 March, 2012
'ZAHRA-change begins at home'.

The Keswick Reminder newspaper of 16 March 2012 reported the screening of the film Zhara: change begins at home, in the English Lake District town of Keswick. (It is the place where MRA founder Frank Buchman had a profound experience of forgiveness towards those whom he thought had wronged him.)

24 February, 2012
A Somali rancher herds cattle in Kismayo

Somalia has been written off by Western powers as a 'failed state'. In an article, published in the Guardian at the eve of the London Conference on Somalia, Ambassador Mohamed Sharif Mohamud, who is the Vice Chair of the Somali Initiative for Dialogue and Democracy (SIDD), argues that Somalia is not a 'failed state'. He presents a case that Somalia could be reborn as a country of progress and prosperity.

01 February, 2012

The Sri Lankan Daily Mirror published an article on 19 January 2012, with the headline 'Vijitha Yapa meets Vice President of South Sudan'.

01 December, 2011

Elizabeth J Harris of Liverpool Hope University reviewed Michael Henderson's book 'No enemy to conquer' in the December issue of the publication Interreligious Insights (published by the World Congress of Faiths).

24 October, 2011
Leif Hovelsen

An obituary of Leif Hovelsen appears in today's Daily Telegraph, UK.

18 October, 2011
Obas Ukoko

In a series of interviews Vanguard, one of the foremost national daily newspapers in Nigeria, showcases the efforts of several young Nigerians making a difference in their own little corner and beyond. Victor Gotevbe highlights Obas Ukoko in the 8 October edition, 'a self-appointed ambassador of Nigeria to the world.'

06 October, 2011
Mohamed Sahnoun and Katherine Marshall at the closing of the Caux Forum for Human Security 2011

Katherine Marshall interviews Mohamed Sahnoun, Chair of the Caux Forum for Human Security, in the Huffington Post and also in the knowledge resources section of Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, where she explores his involvement with the Caux Forum for Human Security.

04 October, 2011
Conversation between Konrad Adenauer and Frank Buchman in Los Angeles, 1960

Håvard J Nilsen, a Norwegian historian/researcher, wrote this article that appeared in Vårt Land in July 2007. He recently translated the article in to English and it gives a fascinating picture of the historical role Moral Re-Armament (now known as Initiatives of Change) has played.