Media Coverage

Media Coverage
18 March, 2014
Frank Buchman

The leading UK Anglican weekly, The Church Times (14 March 2014), carries a review of Dr Philip Boobbyer’s book, The Spiritual Vision of Frank Buchman, by Peter Forster, the Bishop of Chester. He writes, ‘Philip Boobbyer, from The University of Kent, has provided a definitive and well-written portrait, which will be of enduring value, of Buchman and his vision.’

05 December, 2013

The Initiatives for Land, Lives & Peace 2013 Caux Dialogue on Land and Security Report is out!

17 October, 2013

Filmmaker Jonty Herman's five-and-half-minute documentary film about the Caux TIGE 2013 conference (Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy) held in Caux, Switzerland, last July, is featured on the home page of Business School Lausanne (BSL), a premier Swiss business school and the third largest in the country.

20 September, 2013
The training of 200 Peace and Reconciliation Mobilizers in session

On 17 September the Sudan Tribune reported on a youth conference that has been launched in the South Sudanese capital, Juba, to deliberate on challenges which they face in development, peace-building and social life in the country.

29 July, 2013

World peace. The expressed wish of everyone from small children to beauty pageant contestants to world leaders, the desire has become a truism. It is a goal made safe from disappointment by being unattainable. Or is it? Rachel Kohn wrote this article about the recent Caux Dialogue on Land and Security for Culture-ist.

14 June, 2013

The June issue of UN Special - the magazine of the International UN staff in Geneva - has a two-page feature article on the Initiatives of Change centre in Caux, Switzerland.

18 April, 2013
The Fullness of Life – Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer for today’s world by Mike Smith book cover (cropped)

This rather remarkable review of Michael Smith's book The Fullness of Life has been written by his old school friend, Robin Knight, who went on to be the European editor of US News and World Report magazine, 1985-96, and Contributing Editor, Time magazine Europe, 1997-2002. The review appeared on the website of the Old Pangbournian Society (Pangbourne College alumni).

11 February, 2013
‘The Power of Silence’ by Graham Turner

Published in The Telegraph on Monday 11 February 2013: 'Listening to silence, and liking what we hear'. The road to understanding the power of silence stretches from noisy India to a British prison, writes Charles Moore