Media Coverage

Media Coverage
07 July, 2015
Peter Everington being interviewed on Arab TV

Peter Everington, who worked for several years in Sudan, talks about the western approach to Islam and his time in Sudan.

17 May, 2015
ANN TV presents THE ENGLISH HOUR with William Morris and special guest Dr Imad Karam

Dr Imad Karam, a Palestinian living in the UK, covers various topics, including being born and brought up in Gaza and the award winning films he has made.

28 April, 2015
Joseph Karanja

Joseph Karanja, who is using the solar light as a symbol of hope, has had a guest blog published on the SolarAid website.

27 January, 2015
Joseph Karanja

SolarAid, an international charity that combats poverty and climate change, published a guest blog by Joseph Karanja on 23 January entitled ‘Lighting the Way to a peaceful future.’ 'This is a truly heart-warming story about the power of light, and people's desire to strive for a brighter future.'

21 January, 2015

Three commentaries have been produced in response to the recent attack on the Paris based satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, as well as one of them appearing in the local press.

04 December, 2014
Cattle of the Ilchamus community near Lake Baringo

Martin Frick, Chair of Initiatives for Land, Lives and Peace, was recently invited to do a blog about land restoration and Caux for the Virgin Unite website. He states that 'The key to solving four of the most important crises facing us lies beneath our feet.'

11 November, 2014
Formerly a Christian militia leader in Lebanon's civil war, Assaad Chaftari now works for reconciliation in his country.

Assaad Chaftari, who during Lebanon’s civil war fought as part of a Christian militia, was interviewed on 10 November by 'Insight on Conflict'. With the strapline 'A religious fanatic turned peace advocate', the article describes Assad's 'wake up call', when he met Initiatives of Change in 1988. 'Little by little, he started wondering, was he really on the side of God? Only then he realized he had a bloody path and past.'

01 October, 2014
Creators of Peace Australia

The Australian Daily Telegraph recently reported on the Creators of Peace annual celebration held at Baulkham Hills.