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IofC Lebanon Outreach Workshop

IofC Lebanon Outreach Workshop in Partnership with Aley Rotaract Club

Tuesday, 3. April 2018

On Saturday 24 February, IofC Lebanon conducted its first outreach workshop in 2018 entitled ‘Let's Make a difference’ in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of Aley. The event brought more than 24 participants together for a fruitful and invigorating discussion. Sixteen of the participant were newcomers and had their first experience with IofC and the organization’s rich history and core values.

The workshop was meticulously prepared and delivered by Mohamad Ghabris who has been an active member of IofC Lebanon (and IofC international) since 2013. Mohamad started us off with a fun brainstorming exercise to ease the attendees into the lengthy session. An introduction to IofC’s history, lifestyle, and four absolute values followed. The workshop also shed light on the practice of Quiet Time as a tool of self-reflection and the application of these core values. The workshop featured an engaging interplay between a strong delivery on the subject of Inner Governance and a series of interactive activities.

In addition, four IofC members shared their inspiring stories of change and their insightful journey with IofC. The workshop ended with a Quiet Time session dedicated to encouraging the participants to share their thoughts in writing and then voicing them aloud to the group. The overall feedback was very positive and encouraging for our future endeavors. The majority of the attendees expressed feelings of gratitude to IofC for the safe space provided to discuss such timely and pertinent issues on a national and personal level.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude from IofC to the Rotaract Club of Aley who participated and contributed to the overall success of our workshop.

Report by Hala Al Kasm