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Photo of participants of the F4F meeting in 2014

Invitation to take part in the Regional Conference of Foundations for Freedom 2019

11-13 January 2019, in Kyiv, Ukraine

Friday, 11. January 2019 - 14:30 to Sunday, 13. January 2019 - 20:00

to take part in the Regional Conference of Foundations for Freedom 2019

"...Freedom: personal and societal. Unresolved issues and new strategies in Eastern Europe..."

11-13 January 2019 in Kyiv

Where are we right now? What have we been up to for the last 4 years? What difficulties and challenges have we faced?
What kind of future do we see for ourselves?
What inspires us to continue our work in the coming year?

We cordially invite you and your family to take part in the Regional Conference of the International NGO "Foundations for Freedom", which will take place from the 11th til the 13th of January 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Twenty five years ago "Foundations for Freedom" began to actively explore what can be done with the new freedom after the collapse of the Soviet Union and how to react to changes that were taking place in the Eastern and Central European regions.

When we last gathered in Kyiv at the Regional meeting in December 2014, we hoped to find a common understanding of the challenges facing Ukraine. At that time we hoped that these would be local challenges. However, the dynamics of change were so rapid that we did not even have time to analyse what was unfolding.

As time went on our surroundings changed for many of us, views have changed, cities or countries of residence. We were confronted with conflicts, misunderstandings, violence and the pain of people who lost their homes.

Events in Eastern Europe are connected to the situation in Ukraine, to the challenges that have confronted communities that accepted internally displaced persons (IDP). IDPs who are in need of understanding and inclusion into their new communities and their new lives. Additional challenges also involve the thousands of combatants who returned traumatised; the strengthening of right-wing movements; destroyed families and broken friendships; internal traumas and personal losses.

In our situation where we have a rich collection of experience, where we can observe the growth of an active civil society and social consciousness, we have the following main questions on the agenda:

  • How and by what means can we measure our freedom?
  • What unresolved issues can we see in the past that could influence the future?
  • What are our "foundations for freedom" and what can we be responsible for?

The situation that has developed in Ukraine and in our organisation is our common theme. It affects our personal relationships, relationships between groups and communities in Ukraine, neighbouring countries in Europe and around the world overall. Our collective wisdom enables us to examine our past together in order to create a vision of our common future. We invite you to become a part of this process.

The aims of the conference:

  • to become a good reason to escape from a tense environment at the beginning of the year, in order to reflect on the experience of the last few years;
  • to create a space where representatives of different teams of "Foundations for Freedom" and members of networks would be able to meet, get to know each other, exchange experiences and skills, reflect on and explore unresolved issues: our personal ones, organisational ones, issues in our country, in Europe…;
  • using the format of an "open space" to discuss that which is important, to plan the next possible steps;
  • to find a common understanding of the current situation in Eastern and Central Europe, making use of dialogue methodologies;
  • to offer training sessions in the basics of nonviolent communication to the project called "Ukrainian Action: healing the past", so that the participants might have an opportunity to have a brief overview, to get to know the methodologies and techniques being used in these projects;
  • to unite and to stimulate the development of networks amongst volunteers and those who are interested in various projects;
  • to conduct several information sessions about the organisation "Initiatives of Change": to introduce the network members and others who are interested to the history and philosophy of the organisation;
  • to hold the General Meeting of "Foundations for freedom" for the presentation of reports, election of the Executive Director, members of the Executive etc.

The conference programme includes:

  • sessions to develop dialogue facilitation skills, communication methods, research of ethics and life within the community;
  • creative sessions: painting, other art and crafts;
  • time for reflection and catching up;
  • discussion of various topics, exploration and planning for the future in an "open space" format;
  • General Meeting of "Foundations for Freedom" on the 13th of January 2019, reports, elections of the Executive, confirmation of future plans (only members of the International NGO "Foundations for Freedom" will have a right to vote).


  • members of "Foundations for Freedom", "Initiatives of Change" and relevant networks;
  • representatives of the Baranivka community;
  • participants of the dialogue programme "Ukrainian Action: healing the past";
  • participants of projects, dialogues, conferences and seminars run by "Foundations for Freedom";
  • participants of our courses and conferences in Caux during 2014-2018;
  • family members of those mentioned in this list;
  • those interested in events organised by "Foundations for Freedom" and "Initiatives of Change" in Eastern and Central Europe, or those who wish to join the relevant initiatives, projects and communities.

How to apply?

We are sorry, the submission of application is closed. Please, contact with organisers (see below).

Conference date and venue, location:

The conference will begin with the welcome coffee on Friday, 11 January at 14:30, and will end with the with the Pajama evening party on Sunday, 13 January 2019. Afterwards it will be possible to stay at the complex and to make use of the existing facilities / services (sauna, pool, celebrating the Old New Year together) at your cost. However, you can join us at any time during the conference but please let us know in advance if that’s going to be the case.

Conference location will be informed in the letter of invitation.

Participants will stay in rooms for two people. Single rooms may be provided upon request in case of special circumstances. Venue details and other practical information will be published on our site before 15th of December, and will also be provided to those selected for participation in the event.

Conditions for the participation:

The organisers will cover lodging and catering during the conference for the invited participants. Additionally, all participants will have the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution for taking part in the conference (the suggested amount is 300 UAH for participants from Ukraine and 50 euros for participants from other countries).

Team of organisers:

We are currently looking for people to join our team of organisers of the Regional Conference.

What kind of help do we need?

  • To join the core team of organisers (searching for a venue, invitations, logistics etc.)
  • Organisers of morning "quiet time" and evening programmes
  • Administrators and administrative assistants (lists, accommodation, hall, logistics-transfers, catering)
  • Session facilitators
  • Communications managers (photos, streams, journalist-bloggers to conduct activities on the internet and social media)
  • Interpreters (interpretation during the event, translation of materials for publication)

If you would like to join our team, please contact us before 15 December 2018 at

The Regional Conference will be held under the financial support of the International organisation "Foundations for Freedom" as well as the Initiatives of Change teams from Denmark, Netherlands and the UK.


If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us at
You can also call: +380 93 547 8775
Viber: +380 93 547 8775 Oleh Ovcharenko