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Photo by Leela Channer

Inspiring Change

At Puja Sha's House

Team members of the Trustbuilding Program in Nepal have gone through a process of personal change during their outreach tour through the country, experiencing the Madhesi culture firsthand.


Sharing our stories, and speaking from our human experience first and foremost, is a powerful tool for bridging the world’s divides.


For International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021 we interviewed council members to get their thoughts on gender bias and equality.


With many physical spaces still closed, we can still create sacred space for healing through conversation. Rob Corcoran describes how this has happened in his trustbuilding work over the years.


Whether we like it or not, do we have the social media we deserve? Former journalist, Mike Smith looks at how we interact with social media and how we can change course.


The pandemic has brought new urgency to the many issues that face us today – what does this mean for addressing the legacy of colonialism in Brazil?