Historical quest in Lviv, Ukraine
Historical quest "Lviv on the map of memory about the Second World War"
Lviv, Ukraine, 2015-2017
Saturday, September 23, 2017

Historical quest "Lviv on the map of memory about the Second World War"

The history of Lviv during World War II can be discovered interactively. Experts have developed a unique quest and youth from Germany, Poland and Ukraine have had a chance to run it. The competition, both academic and athletic in nature, took place for the second year in a row (April 2016, July 2017) as part of an international project "History begins in the family".

QR codes is a contemporary technique to learn about objects - were used in the quest, allowing participants to complete tasks and find new destinations of the route. Mini tours from professional guides waiting for the quest participants at the key historical destinations became a special part of the game.

Different Lviv institutions became involved in the city game: libraries, museums, universities, cathedrals, tourist information centers, internet cafes, and other organizations. Three quest routes show Lviv through memories of the historical witnesses, family stories and historical facts about memorials. The lives of different national groups inhabiting Lviv before and during the war are reflected in the mechanisms of terror, as well as the nature of resistance, collaboration and manifestations of humanity in the times of Soviet and Nazi occupations.

By the end of the quest the teams had jointly collected a puzzle, the pieces of which they were looking for while completing the tasks.

Quest developers:

  • Halyna Stasevych
  • Liudmyla Levcheniuk
  • Taras Martynenko
  • Oleksa Stasevych

Professional guides:

  • Volodymyr Biehlov
  • Ihor Dereviany
  • Liudmyla Levcheniuk
  • Nun Sister Volodymyra Maksymiv
  • Roman Melnyk
  • Anna Chebotariova


  • Halyna Stasevych
  • Oleksandra Kanafotska
  • Melana Lyvka
  • Marichka Polyulyuk


  • Roman Zvarych


  • Olha Shevchuk


  • Memorial museum of totalitarian regimes "Territory of terror"
  • Solomiya Krushelnytska Memorial Museum
  • National Memorial Museum to the Victims of Occupational Regimes “Prison at Lontskoho Street”
  • First Lviv Mediateka
  • Center for Urban History of East Central Europe
  • Tourist Information Center
  • URBAN Library

Liudmyla Levcheniuk,
an expert and developer of the Lviv city historical quest

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