Guiding us into the future

Guiding us into the future

Tuesday, 2. July 2019

Appreciation of Retiring Elders

We want to acknowledge the contribution and service of those retiring from the Panel of Elders, starting with Randy Ruffin who retired in December 2018. We miss Randy, who brought her vast experience with Initiatives of Change and served the Panel of Elders selflessly as the convener of the group.  

We want also to show appreciation for the contribution of those who are retiring this year:

  • 30 June 2019, Maria del Corral from Colombia, who has served as co-convener
  • 30 June 2019, Rajendra Gandhi from India
  • 30 June 2019, Hatem Akkari from Tunisia
  • 31 December 2019, David Curtis from the UK
  • 31 December 2019, Visier Sanyü Meyasetsu from India/Australia
  • 31 December 2019, Andrew Stallybrass from Switzerland

Thank you for serving IofC in this way, bringing your gifts and wisdom; and we look forward to more teamwork in the future.

Per our announcement in early May, we hope you will join us in welcoming, with immense gratitude, this esteemed new group to the International Panel of Elders who begin their term 1 July.  Please visit our updated Panel of Elders page and get to know our newest panel members!