Great Company

Tuesday, 2. June 2015

Great Company - trust, integrity and leadership in the global economy by Mike SmithWhat motivations inspire today's generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders who shape the world of tomorrow? Many believe their organizations provide not just economic value but also social value in meeting the human needs for goods, services, jobs, fulfilment and economic wellbeing. In Great Company Michael Smith argues that, far from the ends justifying the means, the means actually determine the ends. Dishonest and acquisitive means in the events that led up to the crash of 2008 led to disastrous outcome. Those who are driven solely by acquisition are the disrupters and destroyers. Those who are motivated by a sense of contribution are the buildings towards the common good. Smith tells a wide range of stories, including those drawn from the Initiatives of Change centres in Caux, Switzerland, and Panchgani, India.

Great Company, published by Initiatives of Change, 2015, paperback, 176 pages, ISBN 978-1-85239-047-1, £7.99 plus p&p.