Ethical Leadership

Good governance at every level by developing a leadership culture based on moral integrity, compassion and selfless service

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Participants at the forum, held at the Muslim educational institute Kista folkhögskola in Sweden

‘Money is only the means, it is not the goal of business,’ commented Christian Felber, Austrian founder of the movement, Economy for the Common Good. He was speaking on the theme of ‘How to create an economy for the common good’ in Stockholm, Sweden, on 18 November. Felber was joined by Mike Smith, who launched his book Great Company at the event.

Four Quadrants Model by Ken Wilbur

Stefanie Schuddebeurs, who gives training in listening in cooperation with Initiatives of Change, asks what change does Initiatives of Change in the Netherlands specifically work for and how do they make change last? This and other questions were grappled with at a weekend with Bhavesh Patel on 'Inside-Out Leadership'.

Inside Out Leadership Course participants

Fourteen members of the Dutch Initiatives of Change Board, Advisory Council, office staff and people doing different projects with IofC, experienced a fascinating long weekend under the theme Inside-Out Leadership, led by Bhav Patel, an experienced trainer, coach and facilitator.

Inside-Out Leadership Course participants in Moldova

Inside-Out Leadership, a six day course, ran for the second time between 5-11 September 2015. Thirteen women and 10 men from eight countries, with an average age of 29 years old, gathered in the quiet village of Lalova by the Nistru River, 90 minutes from Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. The idea of the course was that a positive difference in the world begins with making a positive difference in our own lives. The emphasis is less on tools for change, and more on people as tools for change.

Hassan Mohamud and Harry Månsus at the Hope in the Järva and Prison reconciliation programme 22 August 2015

Järva is a region in north west Stockholm, it has residents from more than 140 countries. Over 65 people from diverse networks attended the Hope in the Järva and Prison reconciliation project on 22 August in Sweden. Some were participants of the ‘Trust building leadership’ course, others were members of Djupare Liv and Equmeniakyrkan, and various other organizations. Most of them were from Järva region, and others came from Stockholm, but were concerned about integration issues.

2015 Asia Pacific Youth conference participants in Cambodia

Seventy participants from 14 countries took part in the 2015 Asia Pacific Youth Conference, held in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, 1-8 August.