Giving my true self

Steven Kimaru

Giving my true self

Thursday, 31. October 2019

By Steven Kimaru


One of the most difficult things I've always struggled with is to tolerate the ever-knocking void in my mind. I have always been afraid of emptiness because I grew up in a culture that believed that an empty mind was the devil’s workshop, in the literal sense of it. As a result, I feel that I must be productive all the time. However, I know that I am successful today because I accepted this void and it has helped me to grow.

It is through this void that I can calm my mind. A deep sense of introspection slowly but firmly creeps in and challenges my own character. We live in a world of stress and many of us think we need to always be doing something. We must act in a certain, predefined way in order to make a difference in the world. We must have a plan, a mission, a profound invitation and so on. While action has its place, it is how we behave in the world that makes the difference. So, what really determines how you present yourself? I think it comes from understanding who we are on the inside.

There is something in human nature that I would call the need to transcend and become an individual who is identified by their individual qualities. Contrary to this, we run the risk of being trapped in ourselves and our conditioned thinking. In each human is the true meaning of existence. By ignoring who we are inside, we continue to justify the truth of what causes us, and others, to suffer immeasurable pain and discomfort. With this deep and intentional search inside who we are, we are making a real difference. If you are at peace with yourself, you are making a significant difference to the world. It is neither about size nor the nature of the external contribution you choose to make. Even artist have greater impact if they can clearly articulate their own inner world and comfort/discomfort with themselves.

If we look at all parts of ourselves and love each of them, the effect of this type of energy is enormous and deep. The more we are at peace with ourselves, the more our collective energy will be transformed, and anything that gets in the way of peace will have no choice but to melt away. Once we embrace all that we are, once we reach a place of peace, all we can do is share our true and authentic self.