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Silent land

Film screening of Silent Land by IofC Netherlands

Friday, 4. November 2016

'No land, no life: film premiere 'Silent Land'

Jan van den BergHow do we feed the ever-growing world population without harming the environment and our health? A major question, containing thousands of small and personal stories. Two of these stories are told in the new documentary Silent Land: the fight for fair food, by film maker Jan van den Berg.

The first story is that of Cambodian farmer and mother Seng Channeang, nicknamed Moon, who fights to raise her children with her own home-grown, organic rice. The other is about the big landowner His Excellency Mong Reththy. Creating employment with thousands of hectares of plantations, he dreams in his own way about a better future for Cambodia. 

Main characters and crew on the first row in TuschinskiThe documentary premiered in the presence of the two main characters on 11 October during a festive and well attended event in the Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam, in the run-up to World Food Day. Over 500 people showed up to the world premiere that was co-organised by Initiatives of Change Netherlands (IofC). Furthermore, IofC organised a special screening of the film on the 14 October in a film theatre in The Hague. For the discussion that followed, the leading environmental Indian activist Vandana Shiva and Dutch green entrepreneur Maurits Groen were present, as well as the main character Moon.

‘The documentary highlights the moral dilemma’s around food security. It shows the complexity of the issue, but doesn’t judge. The audience itself determines the perspective,’ says Laura Reijnders, communications coordinator of IofC Netherlands. She has been involved in the creation of the documentary since 2012 (see block below). The events around Silent Land were a follow-up to last year’s activities around food security and environment

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