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Foundations for Freedom is looking for Executive Director

Deadline: 30, June 2016

Saturday, 18. June 2016

Vacancy of EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR in International NGO 'Foundations for Freedom'

Region: Ukraine
Occupation: full-time (virtually or office space in Kyiv can be provided on request)
Work starts on: 22, August 2016

NGO 'Foundations for Freedom'


Foundations for Freedom is an international NGO registered in Ukraine. It was initiated in 1993 as a programme of Initiatives of Change in the UK ( and works in Eastern Europe.

There is an interesting theory: when 10% of population change, the remaining 90% become different as well. Should we wait until a leader changes things for the better or should we start with ourselves?

'Be the change you want to see in the world!' - Mahatma Gandhi.


Foundations for Freedom aims to foster the development of truly free, democratic and just society, where people live in commitment to the values where freedom thrives, in particular honesty and personal responsibility.


  • Supporting the development of responsible leadership.
  • Enhancing social involvement of youth.
  • Initiating and supporting public dialogues.
  • Developing mutual understanding and cooperation between various ethnic and social groups.
  • Establishing honest and transparent relations between citizens and governmental structures.

Areas of activity

  • Reconciliation projects, public dialogues, trust-building activities.
  • Offering access to international networks and experience exchange programmes.
  • Leading round-tables, forums and conferences.
  • Leading various training and educational programmes.

Foundations for Freedom is active in Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Romania and Serbia.

Required Qualifications:

  • High education degree.
  • Minimum 2 years work experience as a director/coordinator or manager in NGO area.
  • Experience working with volunteers.
  • Proven ability in leading a team of co-workers.
  • Understanding of aims and tasks of INGO F4F and IofC.
  • Sharing values of organization (i.t. servant leadership, honesty, personal growth).
  • Experience in cooperating with public authorities and media.
  • Advanced Computer skills (Office, Presentations, Internet).
  • Languages: Russian/Ukrainian and English.
  • Ability to write and speak fluently with good use of language and grammar.

Qualitative requirements:

  • Strong moral and ethical values.
  • Outspoken with leadership skills.
  • Strong and strategically thinking.
  • Sound self-management skills.
  • Good organization skills and self-organized.
  • Ability to be a team-leader and a teamworker.
  • Flexibility and ability to work in dynamic environment.
Job responsibilities

Team Management (30%):

  • Organizing working process and functioning of F4F office and personnel.
  • Recreating Management Group to run projects.
  • Managing personnel and volunteers of F4F.
  • Working in close cooperation with project coordinators and accountant.
  • Creating healthy working atmosphere through team-building, sharing, reflection practises.
  • Suggesting to the Board for decision-making (including personnel).
  • Searching for opportunities for staff development.
  • Providing opportunities for team-development in the F4F Network teams.
  • Working individually with each Management Team member if needed.
  • Stimulating creation of F4F strategy and overlooking its implementation.
  • Overlooking the process and advising on project development.
  • Monitoring quality of the Organization's project implementation.

Administration (30%):

  • Preparing and signing contracts with contractors/partners/personnel.
  • Performing necessary paper work for staff employment
  • Writing letters of reference, official requests.
  • Providing support in course/seminars organization and communication with inviting party.
  • Organization and preparation of Management Group (CM) and Committee meetings (CM).
  • Circulating information for CM/MG/wider network.
  • Drafting working procedures.
  • Archiving F4F materials.
  • Creating and updating data-bases.
  • Keeping contacts with main programmes, European Reference Group and International Council of 'Initiatives of Change', International Association, etc.
  • Developing of international partnerships.
  • Keeping close touch and providing legal, intellectual and planning support and services to Healing the Past and other projects.
  • Cooperation and communication with State Authorities, Tax office, Pension Fund, Department of Statistics on legal issues (if Head of the Board not required).
  • Representation of the Organization with public, public authorities, media.

Financial Management (40%):

  • Managing financial income/expenses of F4F.
  • Managing necessary payments with accountant.
  • Reporting to the Committee and donors on F4F budget/expenses/income.
  • Supporting 'Healing the Past' project with budgeting.
  • Searching opportunities for financing and cooperation with fund-raisers.
  • Writing project proposals and reporting for grants received for F4F namely.

Taking into consideration the specificities of ‘Foundations for Freedom” and the nature of its last years of activities, and developing the structure of the organization, a person, occupying this position would have to work additionally on defining his/her own working functions, to team up closely with the Committee to rethink the aims, vision and projects of the association and to have the capacity of creating and inventing the future which has to be developed.

We then accept that the candidate, working in this position, could look at it also from the perspective of a short or middle term involvement, benefiting the development and growth of INGO ‘Foundations for Freedom’.

Proposed remuneration for the self-employed after signing a contract: 10 000 UAH per month.

Please, send your CV together with the motivation letter and names with contact details (telephone number, email) of two reference persons before 30, June 2016 to the following address: stating in the Subject: ‘Executive Director’. In case, you are a successful candidate, you would be invited for the interview (via Skype) before 20, July 2016.

Requirements for CV:
A request to describe previous work experience, projects ran/coordinated and their results; professional qualities which will qualify a candidate for this position.

Contact information:
Kostiantyn Ploskyi, Head of the Board
Tel: +380 67 222 8065