FreedomThe first all-African color film made in Africa. 'Beautifully photographed and impressively presented.' Hollywood Reporter, 1957 'Surprise success at the Berlin Festival (1957) has been scored by an unusual film called FREEDOM.

It was rewarded with the type of applause only given to pictures that have carried their audience away.' DAILY FILM RENTER, LONDON

'Those who want to see Freedom have something to look forward to, and those who have seen it have something to think over.' STAVANGERAFTENBLAT

'A magnificent, moving, releasing film, which strikes deep into the nerve of our time and the human heart.' UUSI SUOMI, HELSINKI 1957.

95 mins
Director: Hannen Foss
Cinematography: Rickard Tegström

Also available in French, Swahili and Hausa from FLT Films

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PublisherFLTfilms - For the Love of Tomorrow