Donate to IofC International

IofC International, a global movement with non-profit and non-government status has historically relied on donations and contributions from people all over the world to carry out its initiatives, programmes and administrative activities.

Everyone has a part and every volunteer or financial contribution helps us fulfil our mission and make our world a better place.

We welcome and are grateful for your online donations. Our operating currency is Swiss Francs and so, all donations made in other currencies will be converted to Swiss Francs. If you prefer using PayPal, you will get notified of the values of your donation in your currency before you are asked to complete the transaction.


You can make a donation as Single Gift or as a recurring contribution (Monthly, Quarterly or Annual payments).


Single one-time donations may be specified in any amount, and can be completed through your PayPal account or (in some cases) with a credit card.


Recurring donations are an excellent way to support the work of Initiatives of Change International, as they provide a reliable stream of income throughout the year. Recurring donations are made in one of the predetermined gift levels shown below. Note that in order to generate automatic, repeating payments, a PayPal account is required. If you do not already have one, you will be given the opportunity to establish one when you make your donation.

Monthly Gift Levels (Amount specified will be billed each month)

Quarterly Gift Levels (3 times the monthly amount specified will be billed each quarter)

Annual Gift Levels (amount specified will be billed each year)


In case online donations is for some reasons an inconvenient way for you to make a donation, please consider one of the alternative ways listed below:
• Personal check
• Bank transfer
• Cash

Please contact us if you wish to give by using any of the means above or have questions related to it.

For information about taxes, security, or other donation-related considerations, please go to Donate FAQs.