Creators of Peace - Telling a New Story

Telling a New Story

One of the insights that informs the approach of Creators of Peace is the awareness of the power of the story that every person, every woman lives out of, that shapes her world view, her values and relationships, that she passes on to her children and grandchildren. The stories that shape who we are and how we think.  And we have the power to change the stories; from hurt to healing, from frozen to forgiving, from callousness to compassion.

Change the stories and you change the world.

Every morning at the 'Living Peace' 2016 conference, certain participants shared their new story.

CoP Change the Stories booklet 2017 coverDownload a beautiful booklet with all of the women’s stories here.

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Bhavna Shah

Bhavna Shah is an Indian born Australian. She was one of the hosts and organizers of the 2016 ‘Living Peace’ conference. In sharing this experience she brought us all to the uncomfortable reality of where forgiveness is often most needed, bringing the practice of living peace right into the home and office where most of us are.

Mediatrix Masava

After years of bitter disputes, violence and displacements among the communities of Baringo County, situated in the north-west of Kenya, Creators of Peace was invited to run Peace Circles for the women. A team came to the ‘Living Peace’ conference to share a case study on their project.

Erhling Wang

Erhling Wang, from Taiwan, is 33, married with one son. When she was one month old she was sold by her birth parents – this is her story.

Camilo Villa and Luz Stella Camacho

Camilo Villa, from Colombia, with his wife Luz Stella, have developed a programme for women who have spent most of their lives in prostitution. Camilo was sharing at the 'Creators of Peace 25th anniversary conference, 'Living Peace', at Caux in 2016, in the session 'Telling a New Story'. His wife, Luz Stella is one of the International Co-ordinators of Creators of Peace.

Portia Mosia

Portia Mosia from South Africa survived a traumatic rape to emerge as a healer and leader for Creators of Peace.

Imad, Lina Hamade and Marie Chaftari at the ‘Living Peace’ conference, Caux, Switzerland

Three women, two from Lebanon and one from Syria; one a Shi'a Moslem, one a Christian and one a Sunni Moslem, have built a friendship that models a foundation for peace. They have found ways to work together, share in trainings and give support across the border of their two countries throughout the Syrian war. They spoke together at the 'Living Peace' conference in Caux, Switzerland, in August 2016.