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CoP retreat in Caux header image
CoP retreat in Caux header image

Creators of Peace Retreat Weekend, Switzerland

Caux, 4 - 7 May 2017

Thursday, 4. May 2017 - 18:00 to Sunday, 7. May 2017 - 12:00

Leadership Retreat Weekend for Women

Thursday 4 May - Sunday 7 May 2017 - Hosted by Creators of Peace

Creators of Peace (CoP) invite you to a leadership retreat weekend for women who are engaged in peacebuilding.

Are you taking leadership for peace, in your community or professional role? Do you work with an NGO involved in reconciliation, development or
humanitarian projects? If yes, this weekend is for you! Register now!


Thursday 4 May - Sunday 7 May 2017
1800h start, welcome meal at 2000h, closing by 1200h on the 7th


Villa Maria/Switzerland

General Information

The retreat weekend will take the form of the 'Creators of Peace Circle', a  small gathering of women who together work through material especially designed to deepen their friendship and understanding of each other and our peace creating capabilities. Our approach underlines the peace building skills of women in civil society and aims to address the personal, moral and spiritual values needed for ethical leadership and sustainable action.

You will have a chance to consider questions such as 'what is peace anyway?', 'where are my circles of concern?', 'how do I build my inner peace?', 'what qualities do I bring to my peace work?', 'what is my vision for peace in practice?'… Through a series of conversations and activities, we will share stories our journeys in peacebuilding, honour our role models and take time for deep reflection. The programme will include space to nourish your spirituality and help provide new perspectives.

The weekend will begin with a welcome meal and orientation. Each morning there will be a forest walk or quiet reflection. In the evenings, there will be a creative activity or film option. On the last day, we will share brunch together before heading back home. We expect 12-15 participants.

We can offer a homely and relaxed space at the Villa Maria in a tranquil mountain location in the spectacular surroundings of Lake Geneva. We will be over the road from the Caux Palace, that has hosts encounters among hundreds of leaders, diplomats, politicians, academics, religious leaders as well as citizens from all over the world. You will be You will have a single room, a comfortable salon for relaxing in the evenings and healthy meals together.

The Villa Maria is in the village of Caux easily accessible by train at just 2 hours from Geneva. Villa Maria is a beautiful old house and seminar centre. Leave Geneva Cornavin at 1700 and arrive in Caux at 1839!

About Creators of Peace

Creators of Peace transforms, empowers and engages women in peace creation. Creators of Peace (CoP) was launched in 1991 at the Initiatives of Change centre in Caux, Switzerland. We aim to:

- To engage women in their role as creators of peace at every level of society
‘Now each time I am about to do something I ask myself: By engaging in this action, am I going to build or destroy peace?’ Romania

- To pre-empt violence and despair by addressing the roots of conflict in and around us
‘If I want the next generation to be free of bitterness, then I need to be free of bitterness. What seeds am I sowing in my home?’ Australia

- To encourage and connect existing 'peace builders'
‘I always thought that peace makers had to go to college and have a law degree...but now I've taken part in Creators of Peace I realise that I too am a peace maker.’ Papua New Guinea

- To build just, caring and inclusive communities for all
‘Through Creators of Peace, we are empowered and united in supporting our people. We were like one heart and many veins.’ Syria

We are an international women’s initiative empowering women to be radical peace builders by: • building networks of friendship and forgiveness across racial, religious and social divides • sharing responsibility for their part in the perpetration of conflict and its resolution • breaking the chains of hate and revenge. We work in 43 countries worldwide.

The Caux - Initiatives of Change Foundation works for a just, peaceful and sustainable world in which people act from a sense of global  interdependence and responsibility.


Cost per person 490CHF. A reduced rate may be available on request.

To reserve your place, please e-mail

Thank you for booking your place. We are looking forward to meeting you. Before the retreat weekend, we will be in touch by e-mail and phone to learn a little more about your hopes and to share more about the programme.

Download the leaflet here.