Eighth Peace Circle in Brazil
Creators of Peace Circles in Brazil – On the Road to Change
Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Brazilian journey that began in 2013 continues to grow: 60 women, 9 circles, and the same drive to build peace, starting from within.

We started Creators of Peace Circles (CoPC) in Brazil in 2013, with the support of Initiatives of Change Brazil. Since then we have had nine Peace Circles with about 60 women. Many of these women have many commitments and struggle to find time for themselves, so we tried to adapt the Peace Circles to their schedules, by having some over a period of one week in the evenings, others on long weekends, and others simply from  Friday evenings to Sunday afternoons.

The Peace Circles have different numbers of participants; we usually have around nine women in every group, though even in one Peace Circle with only three women, we had a memorable experience. These women come from diverse backgrounds, have different ages and occupations… and in the last meeting of 2016, we even had women participate from two different states in Brazil!

Creators of Peace Circle Brazil

The tools we introduce, like "Quiet time", "the four IofC Standars", and "Storysharing" and "The Power of Forgiveness", are very important for the empowerment of women who discover how much inner peace can change their lives.

We have witnessed great changes in the lives of some of the participants: some gave up using sleeping pills or cigarettes, reversed a decision to commit suicide ... Others gave up seeking revenge for very painful acts like rape, the murder of a son, betrayals, aggressive parents. Yet others were able to forgive and be forgiven for wrong decisions or actions they took themselves.

Some women learned to say "no" to abuse, and were able to see themselves as survivors rather than as victims. Some had to make radical decisions to seek peace, such as breaking loose from loved ones who were doing them harm.

Eighth Peace Circle in Brazil,15-17 July, 2016

Many women discovered that in reality they did not know how to make "time for silence" and acknowledged their share of guilt in events of the past. Even within the IofC movement, many former members were able to forgive other members and return to the movement. Finally, many took action to change the conditions of their work, life at home or in their community.

Most importantly, all women decided to walk new paths in life, always in search of peace and happiness.

We hold an annual general meeting to bring together women from all Peace Circles so that they can be introduced to each other, establish relationships and share experience as Creators of Peace. In these meetings we have several activities within the group, such as the “Peace Test,” which allows them to assess themselves as Creators of Peace and think about what needs to be improved.

Creators of Peace Circle Brazil

These experiences have been a great gift for the facilitators too, as we also work to heal, forgive, and make positive changes in our own lives with the tools we share with the women in our gatherings. With each Peace Circle we prepare and conduct, we have been able to delve deeper, find roots, share our own struggle and come across news insights into our own life history, which we then share with our group.

We are happy to have the opportunity to spread this simple, but so effective tool of change; It is a real and strong foundation to build peace in the mind, and from there enact it in real life.

Vera and Maria Cristina


July 2017