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Meena Sharma with her husband delivering food and clothing for newborns to mothers at the local hospital in Nepal.

Voices of resilience from Creators of Peace during the disruptions of Covid-19.

Working in collaboration with Bomarah Foundation dropping off masks and sanitizer to a prison in Lagos.

Joy Nweke, Creators of Peace Nigeria, shares some recent actions in response to the disruptions of the coronavirus.

Amina Dikedi-Ajaikaye (second from left to right)

Amina Dikedi-Ajaikaye, President of Creators of Peace International, talks to Mary Lean ahead of the President’s Lunch on 5 September.


COVID-19 restrictions transformed Creators of Peace Circles from face-to-face to online.

How do you feel after experiencing this dialogue?

In July 2020 Creators of Peace were invited to support the Tools for Changemakers (T4C) online conference. El Laskar reports on how learning dialogue tools helps strengthen our resilience to thrive.

Group on Steps CoP India 2020

Barbara Lawler, on behalf of our organising team of Meena Sharma, Serena Rix Tripathee and Vinitika Lal writes about Creators of Peace Regional Gathering at Panchgani, India, in February 2020.