Creators of Peace participant
Creators of Peace participant

Creators of Peace Donate

As a tribute to the past 10 years, and in support of our work to continue for the next 10 years, we ask for your support.

In just 10 years, Creators of Peace has offered Creators of Peace Circles for women in over 40 countries.  Creators of Peace women are volunteers, working at the grassroots with a personal engagement for peace. We want to sustain this work into the future. To do so we need vital resources to mentor facilitators, send trainers and support women in challenging contexts.

What will you give to help Creators of Peace Circles reach more women?

YOUR CONTRIBUTION will help Creators of Peace Circles to take place anywhere in the world where the need is identified by local women. These women benefit greatly from being part of a global network (community) of support.

Your gift of TEN would make the following possible:
* $10 to pay for materials for a workshop
* $100 to cover travel expenses for a facilitator
* $1,000 to help put on a training programme in a country in conflict

You can also choose to give a multiple of TEN, whatever you can afford, in your currency:
 _________ (e.g: 10R ZAR [South African RAND], £10 (British pound), €10 [EUROS], 100 CHF (Swiss francs), 1,000 NKr (NOK Norwegian krone), FRu1 (RW, RWA Rwandan Franc), KSh10 (KE Kenyan Shilling), £E.100 (Egyptian pound), ¥1,000 (Japanese Yen). Donations can be made in any currency converted to Swiss Francs. There is a currency convertor on the donation page.

1. Donate on-line here 
2. If you would prefer to make a bank transfer or give by cash to someone in your country contact us and we will send you details of how to do this.

However much or however little you are able to give, either as an individual, or through a fundraising effort with others, we promise to use it wisely.

Make it 10

If you can’t donate, what ten actions could you give to help sustain Creators of Peace Circles?

  • Offer TEN hours of your professional skills e.g. to help translate a training manual into a new language
  • Dedicate TEN conversations to mentor or buddy with a Creator of Peace in a conflict area
  • Invite TEN friends to a meal to talk about Creators of Peace
  • Sell TEN cakes to raise funds
  • Share this video with TEN friends or colleagues 

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY – it will assist us greatly to continue, to reach out to the needs of society, and extend the Creators of Peace programme across the globe.